Quality Policy.

D. GRIGORIADOU AND ASSOCIATES has adapted the procedures of the technical office, which concern “the Provision of Consulting Services, Elaboration of Studies, Business Licensing”, observing the legal requirements and specifications of the ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

At the same time, the Company has defined its operating framework, taking into account all stakeholders and potential threats and opportunities arising from their requirements and expectations.

In the context of continuous improvement and the development of a spirit of quality, D. GRIGORIADOU AND ASSOCIATES provides all the necessary tools and knowledge to all its human resources.

To achieve these goals, D. GRIGORIADOU AND ASSOCIATES monitors, maintains and improves the Quality Management System through internal and external inspections and reviews by Management. The Company establishes quality objectives (the implementation of which is reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals) such as the continuous reduction to zero of management problems & issues that may affect.

D. GRIGORIADOU AND ASSOCIATES treats non-compliances as indications for improving its operation and thus, when they occur, analyzes them, and launches appropriate corrective actions.

It is also the responsibility of its Management to ensure that the Quality Policy is applicable, with the ultimate goal of the continuous, steady development of its construction activity, the dedication to its goals, offering its customers projects of high & constantly improving quality.

From our vision for the future come the fundamental principles that we apply in every project of our Company.

We want a society and an environment with safe, stylish, fresh air and people who enjoy every moment of their lives. We give special importance to the cost savings of the construction without reducing its quality and to the operation of the buildings with ecological orientation.

“We draw the first line in life projects and we respect that… absolutely, believing that each one of our clients is UNIQUE”.

On behalf of D. Grigoriadou and associates
Despina Grigoriadou