Enviromental Policy.

The company D. GRIGORIADOU AND ASSOCIATES is a team consisting of Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers as well as other scientists who have experience, talent, scientific training, excellent knowledge of the law and know-how so that they can respond to the most and the most complex studies of buildings and facilities, to offer safely and immensely benefit to each of their clients as investment consultants, as well as to successfully respond to any challenge given to them that has to do with their capacity and knowledge, using their state-of-the-art equipment in their own facilities.

The company has developed an Environmental Management System according to the Standard ISO 14001: 2015, in order to control and reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.

We are committed through the effective operation of the Environmental Management System for the prevention of pollution, the control of compliance with the Legislative & Regulatory requirements and for the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

For this purpose, the company has recorded the environmental aspects that result from its activities & has established goals & objectives for those that have been identified as significant. It also systematically checks the company’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations and contractual obligations with its customers.

Ensuring the continuous efficiency & suitability of the Environmental Management System is achieved through processes and controls of both production processes and suppliers & partners & through periodic reviews. It is also committed to the continuous training of its employees so that they have the required competence for the position they hold in the company.

The Environmental Policy has been communicated to all employees and associates and is available to the public and is reviewed and revised during the annual review by Management. This Policy is reviewed annually.

On behalf of D. Grigoriadou and associates
Despina Grigoriadou