We create spaces,
to improve the human experience.

Our job is to create the structured environment of people’s lives and create unique buildings that will accommodate all kinds of needs. By following all modern developments, we offer architectural and technical solutions that ensure a healthy, comfortable and sustainable environment, taking into consideration the particularities of each space.  

We aim to achieve special aesthetics for our projects and to enhance their commercial value by meeting the needs of their direct users. Our projects include residences and apartment buildings, holiday homes, industrial facilities and warehouses, supermarkets, hotels and other tourist facilities, education and health buildings, car dealerships, Logistics supply chain buildings.

Our vision is the basis of all fundamental principles that we apply to every project implemented by V. GRIGORIADIS & PARTNERS. We seek to create a sustainable living and working environment, safe and stylish, with clean air, where people can enjoy every moment of their life. We place special emphasis on cost savings during construction without degrading quality, on the overall sustainability of our structures, as well as on ecologically friendly buildings that operate with a green environmental footprint.

Our vision.

“We draw the first line in life projects
because for us, each customer is unique!”.

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Vassilis Grigoriadis
Vassilis Grigoriadis

Vassilis Grigoriadis was the founder and head of V. GRIGORIADIS & PARTNERS. Born in 1961, he studied Architecture at the University of Florence and, since 1986, worked as a freelance Architect. He passed away in 2020.

He was a member of the Architectural Committee as a representative of the Technical Chamber of Greece, a member of the Standing Committee of Architectural Affairs of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG Department of Central Macedonia) and President of the Representatives of TCG Central Macedonia from 2014 to 2017. He was elected member of the Assembly Presidium of TCG, both in the main organization as well as in the Department of Central Macedonia, from 2016 to 2020.

A dear friend and partner, Vassilis Grigoriadis was involved in a number of projects during his professional career. He always aimed to promote teamwork in order to provide integrated solutions for the customer and this is why he founded the V. Grigoriadis Team.

Because, as he always said… We are a team!

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